Japan's domestic content and related industries account for a total of 53 trillion yen, or 10% of GDP, and despite a declining population, the domestic market is expected to continue to grow slightly each year, reaching a scale of 13 trillion yen by 2020, with online media in particular expected to expand by 34.2% to 4.452 trillion yen by 2020.

The overseas market for Japanese content, which is highly regarded around the world, has more than doubled in the past 10 years, and is expected to exceed 2 trillion yen by 2020. The largest overseas market by category is anime, followed by online games for smartphone applications, which have grown rapidly, and then print publication and distribution of manga.

The overseas market size in 2016 was the U.S., China, Japan, the U.K., Germany, and France, in that order. Of the total 101.9 trillion yen in 16 countries in 2016, the U.S. accounted for about 45%, China about 13.5%, and Japan about 11%.

The Primez NFT Marketplace will focus on the value of these Japanese contents and convert them into NFT, protecting and enhancing the value of creators active in Japanese culture, and creating a new economic zone not only in the Japanese market but also in the US and Asia.


  • Increase the value of content creators
  • Expansion into Japanese and international markets

Project Summary

Non-fungible token (NFT)

2017In September 2010, a new technical standard was proposed on the blockchain Ethereum that allows for the unique representation of digital data that can be easily reproduced. The digital data issued using this standard is called Non-Fungible Token (NFT).

We will issue a cryptographic asset, PRIMEZ Token (PRIEMZ Token, abbreviated PRX), in order to stably operate the PRIMEZ chain as a decentralized platform. The PRIEMZ token is a blockchain specialized in the issuance, management, and distribution of NFTs in the Japanese content domain, and is designed in accordance with the business model. In addition, the PRIMEZ chain can be connected to multiple blockchains, including Ethereum, and functions as a cross-chain platform that serves as a hub for the issuance and distribution of NFTs.

By establishing a platform for the use of two new assets, NFT and cryptographic assets, we will introduce Japan's world-class contents to Japan and overseas using blockchain technology and create a new market.


From Japan to the World

In Japan, we have a finely tuned sense of beauty with different nuances, such as "oka" for bright intellectual beauty and "mono-aware" for deep emotional beauty. They have a finely tuned sense of "beauty" with different nuances. They have a sense of beauty in "small, lovely things" and "reduced things" rather than "large, powerful things. These sensitivities and aesthetics have given birth to the "shrunken world view" of bonsai, hako niwa (boxed gardens), and bento lunch boxes, which have not only taken root in Japanese culture, but are now widely known throughout the world.
We would like to introduce such Japanese culture to the Japanese market, which has had few opportunities to experience it, and to the international market in general, through the NFT, which is digital content that transcends space.

Benefits of having PRX

You will enjoy unique benefits not found in other tokens.

  • 5% of PRIMEZ sales will be returned to PRX token holders based on the amount of PRX tokens they hold and the length of time, calculated every 6 months.

  • Support your favorite idols using PRX tokens on a new and unique live-streaming site called MetaLive, supported by PRIMEZ.

  • Unique NFT artworks sold only on PRIMEZ marketplace can be purchased with PRX tokens.

  • Loan ETH against NFT artworks and PRX tokens.

  • PRX tokens give you the right to vote in events. (e.g., boxing game matches, voting in contests, etc.)

  • Securely convert PRX tokens into various cryptographic assets and legal tender

  • Price increase is expected after listing on major overseas crypto exchanges.

NFT Project

Diamond, Jewelry JJPJA

Diamond, JewelryJJPJA

Naokazu Kudo is a gemologist who has appeared in and supervised many media. she is a gemologist who has appeared in and supervised many media and sells NFT gemstones and jewelry that she has selected with his world class gem appraisal skills.Tshe NFT version of Leiji Matsumoto's works decorated with diamonds selected by Naokazu Kudo.

JLOC Lamborghini


Ownership of Lamborghini photos from Super GT races, products that reuse Lamborghini car parts used in races (e.g., tires processed into tables), and ownership of tshe only customized Lamborghini in tshe world, sold as NFT.

calligrapsher Kensin


With his right hand, he imbues color with the depth of ink, and with his left, he puts his thoughts into it.
He is a one-of-a-kind artist who is invited from all over the world to bring the colors of Japan to the world.
His worldview is filled with soul, and there is a jinx that says if you have him draw you will be happy.

For this reason, there is no end to the number of people who seek his worldview, not only in Japan but also in other countries.

Cartoonist, writer, artist Mimei Sakamoto

Cartoonist, writer, artistMimei Sakamoto

She debut as a manga artist in 1989. In addition to being a manga artist, she is also an essayist, commentator, and TV personality. In 2006, however, she developed a number of incurable collagen diseases. In 2008, she was told that she had only five years left to live. She was a painter, but since she could no longer move her hands, she took up jazz vocals and made his professional CD debut in 2009. However, as sher condition worsened, sshe lost sher voice and stopped most of sher activities from 2010 to 2015.In 2013, she married her current husband who is a doctor.She released sher first and second albums as a singer. In 2015, inspired by the loss of her many friends, she started making prints with her aching hands.

2017 . Debut as a painter at the prestigious Yoshii Gallery.
2019 Solo exhibition at Hotel Chinzanso Tokyo, a great success.Selected for tshe JIAS Japan-France Art World Exhibition in 2020 Third album release concert at Kinokuniya Soutshern Tsheater AKASHIMAYA. Micshel Legrand‘s son, Benjamin Two duets with Benjamin LEGRAND. Selected for Salon d’Automne in 2021. Solo exhibition at ESPACESORBONNE4 in Bali. She is currently battling a chronic illness and divides his time between Tokyo and Bali. She is busy with her next CD, writing a book, and painting, while receiving requests from exhibitions and galleries around the world.

Dance, Fitness DDD

Dance, FitnessDDD

Game distribution

Game distribution

Idol, DJ Performer sherbet

Idol, DJ Performersherbet

The members of "sherbet," a unit made up of popular gravure idols who are among the top social networking sites in Japan, sing, dance, and perform as full-fledged DJs, VJs, and microphones at “club sherbet”.

Not only the people involved, but also the club community's attention is growing rapidly, and offers to perform are pouring in from all over Japan!
This club sherbet has entered the world of NFT art! Don't miss these sexy and cool girls!

weibo z

China has overtaken the United States as the world's largest NFT trading nation.Weibo is involved as a marketing partnerWeibo is our marketing partner to directly reach out to over 800 million Chinese-speaking users.

Weibo, China‘s largest SNS, has more than 800 million accounts and about 1.3 million daily active users. PRIMEZ has entered into a business alliance with Z Holdings Co., Ltd., the operator of Weibo in Japan.


  • (1) Community mining: 35%.
  • (2) Ecosystem developers and ecosystem growth: 20%.
  • (3) Official management team: 20%.
  • (4) Pre-sale: 20%.
  • (5) Advisors: 5%.


  • Phase1
    Production Preparation
  • 2022
    private sale
  • Phase2

    NFT works launch

    PRIMEZ Market place release

    DEX Listing

  • 2022

    Video NFT works launch

    Overseas Markets Place Alliance

  • 2022

    Overseas major exchange Market listing

    Starting MetaLive(live streaming) services

  • 2022

    Overseas major exchange Expansion of listing

  • Phase3

    PRIMEZ Metaverse Development & implementation

  • 2023


  • weibo
  • z
  • JLOC
  • dream cast
  • lux
  • R.I.P


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